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Benfica 38

The digital product with official collectibles from Sport Lisboa e Benfica!

Each Mystery Box gives you access to:
▪ 3 NFT Digital Collectibles;
▪ 1 T-shirt and 1 exclusive scarf;
▪ 2 tickets for Eusebio Cup *;

Limited to 1904 units!
* offer available until 29th of June.
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O produto digital Web 3.0 que celebra a conquista do 38º campeonato.
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Limited Edition NFTs with Unforgettable Memories!!

Your Mystery Box contains 3 digital collectibles (NFT), created to celebrate Benfica's victorious journey in the 22/23 season.

Champion's Cup

A limited and numbered 3D representation of the 22/23 championship trophy.

A Moment from the 38th

One among over 100 exclusive video moments captured during the championship and the celebrations of the 38th title.

More than just rare moments, some are absolutely unique and never before revealed!

A Player or Coach Card

A digital card alluding to the players that were part of the squad during the 22/23 season.

This collection has 26 different cards representing the 25 players in the squad and the coach, and each card has 4 different rarity levels:
Platinum : 1 %
Gold : 11 %
Silver : 26 %
Bronze : 62 %

2 tickets for Eusebio cup and Exclusive Merchandise

The NFT Collectibles will also provide access to additional benefits:
✦ A T-shirt and Scarf created exclusively for this collection.

✦ 2 tickets for Eusebio Cup. Offer only valid for Mystery Boxes bought until 29th of June. Please check the conditions of the offer on our FAQs.
Don't miss the opportunity to preserve a unique part of Benfica's history.
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Official and Authentic Collectibles of SLB

The Mystery Box and the Collectibles will be issued as NFTs on the Polygon blockchain, ensuring their authenticity.

An NFT is a certificate of authenticity and digital ownership on the blockchain that cannot be forged.

It is possible to trade or acquire new collectibles on NFT exchange platforms such as OpenSea, Rarible, or Nifty Gateway.

In the case of exchange or transfer, the associated offers that have not yet been redeemed remain valid for the new owner.

How It Works


Purchase or Gift the Mystery Box

The purchase of the Mystery Box will be made using Crowdclass, a platform to manage your NFT collection, with options like MB Way, Credit Card, or Crypto (BTC, ETH, USDC, USDT).

If you want to gift the Box to someone, select the gifting option at the time of purchase..

Please note that the stock is limited to 1904 units, so don't let it run out!

The price of each Mystery Box is €90 (including VAT).


Open Your Box on the 29th of June

The Mystery Box can be opened starting from the reveal day, on June 29th.

Each Mystery Box contains 3 digital NFT collectibles and entitles you to 2 official merchandise items from Sport Lisboa e Benfica.


Access Exclusive Offers and Experiences

With the NFT of your Champion's Cup, you can redeem the two merchandise items through the Crowdclass platform.

A verification will be conducted to confirm that you still have the NFT and that it has not been traded. You will be asked for your shipping details and postage is included.

The remaining experiences will be announced throughout the year, and the redemption process will always be simple and intuitive.

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38 Campeões 2022/2023


What is the Mystery Box of 38, and what is its purpose?

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The Mystery Box of 38 is a Web 3.0 digital product created to celebrate Benfica's victory in the 38th championship in a unique way. It is Benfica's first Web 3.0 collection, developed in partnership with Crowdclass, and it is a limited edition of 1904 units, exclusively for the biggest fans of this winning team.

Each Mystery Box contains 3 unique digital NFT collectibles related to the championship win.

The main objective is to provide Benfica fans with a digital, immersive, and memorable experience with exclusive and elusive moments from the championship and title celebrations. It is a way to digitally immortalize and share the most remarkable moments of the season that culminated in the 38th championship win

What is the content of the Mystery Box?

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Each Mystery Box contains 3 pieces, each from different digital collections, exclusively developed to celebrate Benfica's 38th championship. The collections are as follows:

🏆 Champion's Cup- A limited and numbered 3D representation of the championship trophy;

📹 Moment from the 38th - Exclusive video moments captured during the championship and celebrations. This collection includes unique and undisclosed moments that allow fans to relive the exciting and unforgettable moments of the championship.

The collection includes over 100 highlights, memorable goals, celebrations and festivities at Marquês, and other significant moments of the season;

🃏 Player & Coach Cards - Digital player cards. This collection consists of 104 cards representing each player who was part of the squad during the 22/23 season and the main coach. Each card provides relevant information about the player, such as their name, position, and statistics.
The cards are issued with different levels of rarity from Bronze to Platinum.

Will there be any exclusive benefits or offers associated with the collectibles?

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Yes. The Champion's Cup NFT, included in all Mystery Boxes, grants access to two exclusive merchandise items: a T-shirt and a Scarf.

In addition to that, the collectibles may provide access to other exclusive benefits and offers that will be revealed throughout the upcoming season.

How can I purchase my Mystery Box?

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You can purchase your Mystery Box through the link

The purchase of the Mystery Box will be made through Crowdclass, a platform that allows you to manage your NFT collection, access the contents of the Mystery Box, and redeem associated offers in a simple and intuitive way.

Can I gift a Mystery Box to someone?

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Yes. The Mystery Box is the perfect gift to give to a friend or family member.

At the time of purchase, simply select the "This is a gift" option and provide the recipient's email and name. The Mystery Box will be sent to the recipient via email.

Can I open the Mystery Box immediately after purchasing or receiving it as a gift?

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No. The Mystery Box cannot be opened immediately upon purchase. There is a period during which the Mystery Box will be available for sale, but the stock is limited to 1904 units, so they may quickly become unavailable.

The Mystery Box can be opened after the reveal day, on June 29th.

Who is Crowdclass?

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Crowdclass is a Portuguese company that works with brands, clubs, and communities that want to use digital collectibles and Web 3.0 technologies to engage with their fans and audience.

You can find more information at

What are NFTs?

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NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are digital authenticity certificates registered on blockchains that can represent artwork, collectible items, in-game assets, and even virtual properties.

These certificates provide proof of ownership and establish exclusive control over that particular asset.

NFTs can also be transferable, allowing them to be traded, resold, and gifted if the owner chooses to do so.

The authenticity and ownership of NFTs are fully guaranteed by the blockchain, making them immune to forgery or alteration
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